Prepared For Battle

 In the enemy, trials

I’m no battle expert, but logic would suggest that when you are coming up on something you plan to conquer, you need to be prepared for a retaliation from your enemy. It wouldn’t be realistic to expect them to just roll over and hand you what you want when it’s currently theirs.

I am facing this reality in my Spiritual life lately. I am fighting to overcome things that have held me back quite successfully for a long, long time. As expected, these things aren’t eager to relinquish their hold on me. Because of that, they are going full force and trying with all their might to fight back and keep me right where I am.

The difference is that I have come to expect these things, so I know in advance that things I feel during this time aren’t necessarily a true reflection of reality. Things right now are being heightened and magnified in an attempt to get me to give up my fight and return to my former position of bondage.

But that won’t work for me anymore.

I’m preparing in advance for the attempts of my enemy to destroy my hope and joy. I’m coming to understand that these things will come, but my preparation for them makes all the difference in my experience. If I know and expect these attacks, I can be ready with my own counterattacks, and lessen the original impact to begin with.

Look at what you have coming up. Are there some mountains that you want to see moved? Are there some territories that have long been out of your control that you want back? If so, you can know that there will be a rocky road on your way to victory. But you can also know that in knowing about them, you are already in a better position to ultimately defeat them. Be prepared!

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