He Can!

 In God, trials

You may be facing a situation today that feels impossible today. In your mind, you’ve run through every possible scenario, exhausting each way your situation could possibly go. You are filled with dread because you have deduced that this will end poorly, and you fear even approaching this supposed mountain.

But there’s another way.

I was recently faced with something that felt impossible. I kept myself up at night worrying through scenarios and playing out all the imposing “What if’s?” I almost made myself sick from terror about the impending mountain that I was facing. The thing I had completely forgotten in my scenario is that God is not limited to the way things should go based on human reasoning. He can look at my options and suddenly create a whole new list of ways to deliver me from my situation that I would never have even thought of in my finite understanding.

If you are at an impasse today, just know that there are ways out that aren’t visible with the human eye. God can literally make a path through the Sea if He needs to (Isaiah 43:16). He has no limitations, so therefore, your life is limitless, as well. God is not man that He should be held back by mere human weaknesses or expectations. Isn’t that good news? When no one else can, God can!

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