5 Ways To Show Love Year-Round

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Valentine’s Day is a lot like Christmas in that it makes us incredibly aware of those around us, and bolsters our compassion. We may do things around Valentine’s Day to show someone we love them that we would not think to do any other day of the year. But why? What’s to stop us from doing these things continually throughout the year? We are the hands and feet of God’s love to this world, and people are starving for love.

Maybe, like me, you’ve been tempted to give in to the overpowering feelings of hopelessness that seem to pervade the media and daily news. The world can feel scary and devoid of peace at times. That is why it’s even more important for us to spread love and remind the world that there is hope in Jesus Christ!

Here are some ideas for ways you can keep the Valentine’s spirit of love going all throughout the year!


  1.  Tell someone what they mean to you. Think about it: outside of holidays and birthdays, how often do we just pause to tell someone that they are special to us? Not often enough!
  2. Do someone a favor. Don’t wait to be asked. Be attentive, watch and wait, and then step forward to meet someone’s need before they can even give voice to it. Watch someone’s kids, bring someone a meal, or help them paint something in their home.
  3. Donate to a charity. We seem to be most moved into action around holidays, but charities are in need of donations (financial or otherwise) all year. Find something your heart beats faster for, and give!
  4. Bake for your neighbors. Who doesn’t love getting something that’s homemade? I’m great at getting cookies out to the neighbors during Christmas, but what about on a random Tuesday? Nothing says love and care to your neighbors like bringing them a homemade treat.
  5. Remember people. Inasmuch as being remembered is one of the best feelings, being forgotten has got to be one of the worst. Remember special days in people’s lives, call them when you know they have something worrisome coming up, and pray for them always.


What other ways can we show love to others year-round?

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