Feeding the Mind

 In confessions, the mind

I have a confession to make. I am in the midst of a “mind purge” that comes after a season of mental overindulgence.  Learning, reading, and thinking are all amazing things. You can really never do it enough…until you do. For me, the purge became necessary when I started to notice that the things that were first filling my mind in response to any given situation were not the things of God, but of the world.

It started innocently enough. I enjoy being in touch with culture, and that will never change. But soon, I realized my intake of what others think versus what God says was irrationally out of balance. I had been feeding my mind with such an immense input of other things, that my God input was all but nonexistent. And it was showing.

I lost touch with the Spirit and became far more in tune with my flesh. My instincts gravitated toward things that others believe versus what I believe myself. Which leads to the question: What do I believe? Is my faith so liquid as to take the form of whatever is pressed against it most tightly and frequently?

If that is the case, it becomes even more important then for me to make sure that the #1 influence in my life is God, His Word, and His Spirit. I will not find that in the pages of magazines, blogs, or resources that spout every opinion but Godly ones. I will not find that in places where God is mocked. I will not find that if I do not go where I know He is.

Stop and get honest. What have you been feeding your mind? You need look no further for proof than the proportions of your thoughts as to how healthy your mind-feeding habits are. Today, everyday, watch what you feed your mind.

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