Forget What You Know And Fall In Love

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Picture this comical scenario with me: I am being interviewed about my marriage, and when asked what I love about Jason, I dutifully begin listing off random facts about him – his favorite color is green, he loves the Dallas Cowboys, his favorite meal is steak. The interviewer would regard me confusedly before saying, “Yes, but what do you love about him personally. You know, what’s special about your relationship with him?” Instead of answering, I’d continue on with my list: Jason went to Southeastern University, Jason prefers dogs to cats, Jason has green eyes. The interviewer would probably give up at this point, smile politely, and leave quickly.

The fault in my hypothetical answering in this scenario, is that I’m only telling the interviewer things about Jason, not about me and Jason, or how intensely personal of a role he plays in my life. Basically anyone could tell you those same facts about Jason, but I’m his wife. That should mean something, shouldn’t it? We are supposed to be in love. Someone who is in love does not talk the way “I” did in that interview. Instead of a robotic spewing out facts, they’d be gushing over their last date, telling you a funny story about their significant other, etc.

So many of us are this way in our walk with Christ. We spew out Bible verses, Bible study facts, and cold talk, but when it comes down to it, we don’t remember our last “date” or romantic rendezvous with God, because it’s been ages since we’ve even approached Him as something other than part of an internal list to be checked off. I need to tell you that it’s not enough to know about God. We have to know God. We have to fall in love with Him and constantly renew that love like we do in our earthly romantic relationships.

Don’t know where to start? It’s easy. Sit down and talk to Him. Tell Him what’s on your heart and mind and then marvel as He speaks back to you throughout your day in ways that will constantly amaze and surprise you. Challenge yourself this week to move from being someone who knows about God, to one who truly knows God personally. The differences it will make in your life will truly astound you.

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