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Something happens to me when I find I’m spending too much time reading the headlines. I find that I start to think like the world more. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. I like being in touch with society and having a non-singular worldview. What I find more disturbing, however, is when I begin to immediately think like the world instead of allowing Christ’s Spirit to be my #1 intuitive guidance.

And trust me when I say that this goes both ways! It is no good to be solely immersed in the Christian world, either. If you have zero contact with the world, their thoughts, or it’s people, you are out of touch, and in danger of much ineffectiveness for the Kingdom. Doesn’t everything always wind up coming back to the concept of balance?

We cannot allow ourselves to become immersed one way or another. Note: This does not mean to NOT become immersed in God, His Word, or His presence. By all means do those things! They will change your life and transform your heart and mind! I simply mean that we need to be careful to not give too much of our time to the thought patterns of the world or to avoid it altogether. When I lose my balance, it starts to affect my reasoning, filling my awareness with much more than just the Ultimate Reality that I’ve long ago decided to base my life on, or keeping me from a necessary worldly understanding.

Be careful with immersion!

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