A Week of Thanks

 In thankfulness

Thanksgiving Week is here! I hope you’re having a time of rest and getting to enjoy family. Anyone else out there just excited to not have to wake up and make school lunches or rush the kids off to carline?

In this ever-busy, ever-rushing, ever-multitasking world, Thanksgiving is still a kind of thing of wonders. It’s a time when we can literally pause and reflect on that which we are thankful for. How amazing! As believers, we try to remind ourselves to do that regularly, but there truly is something special about everyone, altogether suddenly being thankful.

In an effort to respect and honor this time of rest and reflect, I will not be posting anymore this week. I will, however, be spending time with my family, reflecting on God’s goodness, and resting. Yes, resting! There is a serious lack of rest in the world today, and I, for one, know that rest is invaluable for mind, body, and soul.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! May God’s love and joy fill your home this week and always.

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