Happy 42nd Anniversary, Dad & Mom!

 In love, marriage

Today my parents  celebrate 42 years of marriage. Wow! If you know them, you know that there has rarely been two people more well-suited for one another. God truly created them as a team. They are better together. My parents provide a wonderful example for me personally when it comes to marriage. I’ve learned from them what a beautiful, Godly marriage between two best friends can look like. They are an inspiration to me and to so many!

Honestly, marriage is hard. There are days when you have to call back to the commitments you made at the height of romantic feelings, and be loyal to them even in the depths of anger or frustration. Some days feel wonderful, and some days feel, well, not so wonderful. But through it all, if you’re willing to put the work in, marriage can also be the most amazing relational experience on this side of eternity. When two lives become one, something so incredible happens: God makes you stronger because of your spouse and vice versa.

Happy Anniversary, Dad and Mom! Your love is one for the record books!



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