Sovereign Lord

 In God, God's will, The Word

I cannot believe that tomorrow is October 1! Perhaps even more exciting to me, though, is the fact that the passing of another month means I am one month closer to completing the entire “Read Through the Bible in a Year” plan for the first time ever! Just today I finished the book of Amos and delved into Obadiah. Progress!

While reading the book of Amos, one thing stood out so strong: Amos uses the title Sovereign Lord when describing God over and over. It struck me because it was as if this was the aspect of God’s character that most needed emphasis for this particular part of the prophecies. Hasn’t that happened to you before? Various things about God become more important in corresponding seasons of your life?

Settling God’s Sovereignty has been one of the biggest landmarks of my entire life. In my past, I would sit and lose myself to what I not-s0-lovingly refer to as the “Circle of Whys.” If you’ve ever sat in frustration while racking your brain trying to understand “why” something or another happened to you, you may also know the “Circle of Why.” At the heart of it, asking “Why?” continually is an issue of God’s sovereignty. Do you trust His sovereignty or not? Do you believe that in good or bad, He is still in control and trustworthy?

Today, maybe you need to make peace with your own “Sovereign Lord.” Search yourself and see if you believe it or not. Then, start referring to Him as the “Sovereign Lord” of your life and watch as it moves from a state of your mind to a state of your heart and belief, as well.

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