God is Faithful Because…

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Tonight in our weekly ladies Bible study, I felt like we should discuss God’s faithfulness to us. We pray so often for so many needs, and yet we don’t seem to spend nearly as much time discussing His faithfulness and thanking Him for the answers to those same desperate prayers. Tonight, I wanted to change that. My heart is so full of thankfulness, and I just had to get it out!

As we went around the table finishing the phrase, “God has been faithful to me, because…” we were all brought to tears when recalling just how much God has carried each of us through. I looked at these amazing women sharing their stories and felt so much joy. They were absolutely SHINING, even in the midst of sharing some insanely personal and hurtful stories.

One woman’s sentence in particular struck me. She said that God has been faithful to her, because she’s not who she could have been. She went on to share about an upbringing that was shockingly hurtful and painful, and yet, she is nothing like what she was surrounded with. This whole concept was just so beautiful to me. This woman could have taken her experiences and used them as the fuel to light up a very similar path to what she had been exposed to early on. And yet, here she is, standing, stronger, and free.

There is something so beautiful about a person who has been scarred by life, but isn’t allowing those scars to define them. Instead, they use their scars to show just how great their God is. I’ve heard it said before that scars just show that your body is stronger than whatever tried to hurt you, and I think this goes for emotional scarring, as well. Tell me your story, friends. How has God been faithful to you?

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