2013: Halfway Check

 In Life

Today is July 1. I can hardly believe it! 2013 is officially half over. Seems like a good time for a life check, yes?


What have you done with the first half of your year?

What have you not done that you want to accomplish this year?

What have you done that you wish you hadn’t done this year?

What’s been the best part of your 2013 so far?


The year is half over. Do you think back on the first part of this year with regret? Don’t be discouraged. You have the whole rest of the year to make it right! If you haven’t done the things you wanted to accomplish this year, there’s still time. Get started today. Make July 1 the new January 1. Today is a new day and it can be your chance for a new start. Get going! Let’s make 2013 a year to remember!

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