Summer Sessions

 In God, Life

Here in the Burns household, summer has officially begun! Both boys are now home all day, and the heat is out in full force! Do you love summer? I have so many fond memories of days spent pruning up in the swimming pool, camp fun, and sitting outside with a Popsicle, racing against the sun to see who would claim it first.

In the midst of all the summer busyness and excitement, though, it can be easy to forget to be continually drawing closer to and seeking after God. Sometimes when the sun is shining brightest in our lives, we take it for granted, forgetting the days when it was dark and cold in our souls. Let’s not do that this year! Instead of letting the summer be a lax time where our spiritual lives are concerned, let’s do the opposite: let’s make a decision to seek after God even stronger during these hot months.

Every other part of your life can be a little more casual and relaxed in this middle part of the calendar, but not your walk with God. He is just as much God of the good days as He is of the bad. This summer, use that extra free time to get more purposeful about seeking after God and sitting before Him. If we do, we’ll find this a remarkable summer – we’ll hear from Him, watch Him do amazing things in our lives, and, when summer ends, find ourselves closer to Him than ever before.

Let’s make this a summer that we’ll never forget!

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