Being The Hope

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There sure is a lot of sadness in the world lately, isn’t there? When I look at the devastation all around, I’m tempted to give in to feelings of hopeless. But almost as soon as those emotions surface, another, stronger realization sets in –  I’m not without hope!

I think the concept of hope has been challenging me lately. I know we can put our hope in Christ, but to a world that has more questions than answers, what speaks hope to them the most clearly? Last night I realized that it’s Christ in us that brings hope to this world. We are the messengers of Christ’s hope to a hopeless world. Through our lives and the way we live, we can show hope to a world that so desperately needs it.

The thing is that we are not separate from the world in that we all suffer. The difference in us is that we carry a sense of hope even through the darkest storms. That is what this hopeless world needs to see.

Today, let Christ in you be hope for the hopeless. You may think that you have nothing to offer someone who is hurt and devastated, but Christ does! Let Him use you and flow through you to bring hope where it is most needed. There is hope, and you can be that hope, through Christ, to a hurting world.

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