A Change In Treasures

 In Bible Study, the mind

Last night in our Bible study, Miss Beth posed a question to us: what is your most treasured memory? I immediately smiled and began to peruse my mental concordance of happy memories – our wedding day, the days my two precious little boys were born, and some monumental moments in my walk with God. Before I could get too far in my loving stroll down memory lane, though, Beth said something that had me snapping out of my thoughts and marveling at it’s truth:

“We think to treasure something, we’ve got to like it, but we don’t.”

She then went on to further suggest that “treasured memories” are anything we hold onto, and that, unfortunately, we often “treasure” (i.e. give our time to, hold onto for dear life, obsess over, feed all our thought life to) things that we should not. She used the visual representative of a small box, and said that we often hold that box so close to our chest, that we neglect to realize what it is exactly that we’ve been treasuring.

We are all so guilty of this, are we not? We have so many blessings and good memories, but the things we hold closest to us are often those traumatic and negative experiences. We replay them in our minds and let them consume our thoughts. But there’s no need to keep living and re-living those bad experiences of the past. We can move forward with God’s grace, and it can start today!

Can you stop and take a moment and think about the things you “treasure”? Are they things you should be giving your thoughts, time, and energy to? If not, how about trading out what’s in the “treasure box” of your heart today? Put something more worthy in there. God has been good to us. God has been gracious to us. Let’s chose to “treasure” that fact instead of the other things that try to take prominence in our lives.

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