God’s Been Faithful

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Last night during our weekly Bible study, a phrase struck me in its simultaneous simplicity and complexity. The phrase was this:


God’s been faithful to me.

This is nothing new. I’ve heard this saying in songs, poems, and messages since I was a young girl. And yet, I think that was what struck me. God has been faithful to me. Even the fact that I grew up knowing this fact is something I am deeply grateful for. There is something completely soul-affirming about remembering God’s faithfulness in your life. Why? Because it fights the doubts that try to plague you, strengthens your resolve, and encourages you to see and realize just far God has brought you.

It shouldn’t stop with self-reflection, though. Don’t just remind yourself of God’s faithfulness, but tell someone else! There is someone who needs to hear about God’s faithfulness to you, because they need to be reminded of their own experience of grace. Hearing someone recall how there is no way they would have made it through x, y, or z without God’s faithfulness will strengthen another’s faith, and cause their own season of remembrance, as well.

So, let’s do this! Sound off in the comments and let me know an area of your life in which you can truly say, “God’s been faithful to me.” Let’s encourage one another as we share of God’s grace and mercy. I’ll start!

God’s been faithful to me in the area of my health. I would not be alive today, let alone thriving and whole, if not for His healing hand on my body.

Now it’s your turn! Has God been faithful to you?

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