Claiming Your Legacy of Love

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This morning in my time of prayer, I was struck with a conviction that I need to start claiming the legacy left for my sons by their grandparents and great grandparents before them. Let me explain.

My parents and their parents and their parent’s parents before them, have passed on a Godly legacy of prayer and service to the Lord. They prayed for their children and their children’s children and all the generations to come. Not only were these prayers going on in my family, but in my husband’s family, as well. That means that my Joey and Gavin have been blessed with a Godly legacy through prayer, long before they were even here on this Earth.

The time has come for me to claim that legacy on their behalf. When I pray each morning, I ask God to bless them with the legacy prayed for them by the generations before. I want to see my boys live a life of integrity and blessing, and I know that those were the same desires their ancestors had for them, as well.

What if you didn’t have a Godly legacy left for you by your family? Good news! God has adopted you into His family (Eph 1:5), and what better legacy is there than His? You have the privilege and responsibility of starting a Godly line in your family. Set a new standard and thank God for leaving you His legacy that you can now pass on to your children and their children.

Let’s claim our legacies today and everyday – not just for us, but for our children and their children, as well.

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