In Loving Memory

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This morning I got the news that my beloved cousin Marie passed on to be with Jesus. She had fought through cancer for over a year now, so it is with mixed feelings that I think of her homecoming. On the one hand, my heart is heavy with sadness for the passing of such a sweet, beautiful person who was smart, kind, funny, lovely, and such a bright spot of joy in our family. On the other hand, I am so happy that the end of her suffering has come and that she will never again feel pain.

Over 7 years ago, when I was going through my own journey with cancer, Marie sent me a beautiful necklace that I am wearing today in her memory. It is a star made up of sparkling rhinestones. She told me that I was a star in our family and sent it to me while I was going through chemo. I remember it just absolutely made my day! I got to go out so little during chemo, and getting a fun package with a pretty, sparkly thing just made me light up all over! I wear that star often and always think of Marie when I do.

Today, though, I can’t help but think how it was Marie who was the true star. She lived her life with grace, love, humor, and strength. She was a wonderful woman full of beauty and elegance. I will miss her so much. I look forward to the day when I see her again, and until then, I’ll wear my star in honor of the beautiful person that she was.

Me (far right) and Marie (center) in 2001

Me (far right) and Marie (center) in 2001

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