8 years ago today, I married a good man.

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I want to wish my husband Jason the happiest of anniversaries today. It’s hard to believe that 8 years ago today we were a wide-eyed bride and groom, standing at the front of a church and vowing to give all of ourselves to one another. Little did we know then that the vows we spoke would be ones we were called upon to honor time after time over the years in ways that would strain and challenge us. It was only 6 months after our wedding day that I was diagnosed with cancer. I remember sitting in a hospital bed while chemotherapy dripped into my body through an IV, and recalling the vows to stand together “in sickness and in health.” How many people say those words flippantly and never really grasp their meaning? That you will love someone, whether they are able to stand and love you back, because of debilitating sickness.

The thing about the hard times we have faced is that they could have served to split cracks in our foundation, and yet, they seemed to do just the opposite of that. Our journey has not been the easiest, and yet, when a storm has come into our lives, we’ve hunkered down, drawn together, and found ourselves falling deeper into love while life’s pain hurtled all around us.

I titled this blog the way I did because I simply cannot think of another way to express my summation of Jason Burns. He is simply a good man. A man who puts God and his family first and then thinks of himself after all others have been taken care of. He works harder than anyone I know, and gives tirelessly of himself to our family and those we serve. He is, simply put, a good man, and I wonder that he continues to put up with me. 🙂

Happy 8th Anniversary, my love! It’s been a crazy, amazing, and incredible journey, and I wouldn’t trade one second of it because I’ve gotten to do it all with you. I love you forever.

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