Thankful November: Access Church

 In church, thankfulness

I usually don’t post on Sundays, but I had a little bit of extra time this morning (thanks to the time change and my children’s inability to appreciate said extra hour of sleep), and thought I’d share something that I am so, so thankful for: my church!

Access has been the answer to so many of my prayers for genuine connection and community. We can be so quick to judge when it comes to all the things the church as a corporate body has done wrong, and yet, I want to stand up and shout about all the things that I’ve seen my church family get right. The way this church body loves one another just shines with the love of God, and restores my faith in humanity. If someone is sick, people around them will take soup, reach out, and make sure that their needs are met. If someone is in need of a friend, there are people waiting to meet for coffee or lend a listening ear.

I love this church’s heart for people – in our own church family and in the community and world, as well. They rush to meet needs that we put forth to them, clamor for a chance to help others, and give of their time, energy, and resources. It’s beautiful to see the heart of God alive and well in the midst of an all-too-often hopeless world.

I am thankful for you, the beautiful family of Access Church. Keep letting God use you to love this world!

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