When God Says Go

 In God's will

Hearing the voice of God can feel tricky, and yet, in my experience, God’s voice is often akin to something that I feel I’ve already known all along. When we start to feel an urging or a leading to move in a new direction, a lot of times we already know the right thing to do in our gut, it’s just the external circumstances that force us to stop and give pause. Sometimes God’s will or directing may not make a whole lot of sense on the most surface of natural levels. And yet, it’s simply undeniable, isn’t it? We can’t explain every part of what is motivating us, other than to say that we just know that God is moving, and we want to be on the go with Him.

Some of you reading this blog today are sensing God is telling you to go somewhere and to do something. You may be hesitating for various reasons, and those reasons may even be quite legitimate. I want to encourage you today, though, that there is nothing of so much concern that it would ever usurp fulfilling the calling of God on your life. God’s path for you is the only real, true place to be where you can flow in the fullness of existence that you were created for. Anything else will only lead you to dissatisfaction and frustration, even if it seems easier or more appealing at times.

Simply put, when God says go…go! Remember that He sees the whole picture of your life, the lives that will intersect with yours, and the circumstances that await you down the line. His wisdom is so far above ours that it may not always make sense in the scope of the small part of the picture that we have, but that’s where faith comes in. Trust that He’s got your best in mind today. Exercise your faith as an act of surrender and worship to Him – in other words, show Him that you love Him today by accepting His plan and letting go of your own hesitations. Believe me when I say that I’ve tried it both ways and going with God is completely worth it.

Ready? Set. Go!

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