A Solution for Frustration: Pray for Others

 In Prayer

Are you feeling frustrated in your prayer life? Do you feel as if your words are going into a black hole of nothingness, never to be heard from again? Maybe it’s time for you to assess the content of your prayers. Are most of your prayers focused on your self? Do most of your prayers begin with, “God give me…” or “God help me to…” Sometimes, we’re so self-focused, that we don’t realize that half of what we’re praying for is either totally out of time with God’s will, or so incredibly narrow, that we are missing the entire picture and praying in the wrong direction completely.

Today, try making a shift. Pray for others! Pray for your family, your friends, your neighbors, and yes, even your enemies. I think it’ll surprise you to see just how much your life settles into contentedness when you are not at the total and absolute center of it at all times.

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