Just One Step

 In God, reconciliation

In the story of the Prodigal Son, Jesus tells of a child who betrays his father by disgracing him, demanding his inheritance, and leaving him behind in anger (Luke 15). Later, when the child realizes just how much he’s given up in his ill-conceived rebellion, he wants to return to his father, but he fears that he will no longer be accepted. Desperation and hunger finally bring him back on the road to his father’s house, however, where he finds that he is not only accepted once again, but accepted with love, generosity, and warmth. The child could have stayed away forever, fearing how much of a rift he’d let come between him and his father, and wondering how he’d ever even get back to a place of familiarity. Instead, though, he humbled himself and took that first step toward home, and his father met him before he could even fully return.

So many times in our lives we experience seasons of feeling closer or further away from God. I can recall sections of my life where every day felt like a mountain top meeting with God – fresh revelation, an overwhelming sense of His presence, and daily confirmation of His reality. There are other times, however, where I’ve let myself slowly fall away, and, as a result, have felt so closed off and distanced from Him. In those times, the enemy would like nothing more than to see me not even attempt to find my way back to God, reminding me of the divide and emphasizing just how far apart we are. The reality, though, is that all it takes is just one step back, and God is there, ready and waiting.

Today, if you’re feeling far away from God, just take one step. He’ll meet you (more than) halfway, and you’ll realize that He was never that far off to begin with. Don’t listen to the lies that tell you that you’ve strayed too far from God’s grasp to be recovered. There is no such thing! God is your loving Father who desires nothing more than reconciliation to a full, thriving, intimate relationship with you. All it takes is one step, so get going! He’s waiting for you with open, loving arms, ready to welcome you back into His home.

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