Reflections of 30

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Today is my 30th birthday!

I’ll admit to you that I’ve had mixed emotions about this date as it’s inched closer and closer on the oft unforgiving calendar. I have wrestled with an odd sense of melancholy – a mourning for days passed, even as I celebrate some incredibly joyful moments. In a culture obsessed with youth, it’s nearly impossible not to feel a sense of loss when exiting the 20s. Watching my babies get older and wiser each day makes me want to grab them and not let them grow anymore, even as I am obviously moving forward in age, as well. It’s a feeling that can only be described as bittersweet – the perfect blend of sadness, but joy at the path of life.

Yesterday at church, however, my incredible husband preached a message that hit home so perfectly. He talked about how worry forces us to face forward while keeping us neglectful of the past. In other words, it pushes us to fear the future, while clouding our remembrance of things from our history that would otherwise serve to soothe those fears. Jason and I took a moment to do a recap of some of the highlights of my 20s last night and I couldn’t help but smile at God’s goodness.

There is no way to deny that I’m actually extremely excited about venturing into this new decade, as well. I’ve heard so many great things about the 30s from those who have entered into them before me. There is also extremely significant mentions of the age 30 in the Bible. Jesus Himself went through 3 decades of relative anonymity before beginning His earthly ministry at age 30. David began His reign as king at the age of 30. Also, it was written that Levites could not become priests until they were 30. I feel the excitement of a new season of life, and I know it’s going to be filled with even more love, joy, and promise than I have seen in my first 30 years.

Thank you all for reading this blog. Launching it has actually been one of the things I’ve found most fulfilling about my 20s. There’s more to come! Stay tuned!



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