The Unseen Movement

 In God's will, The Word

Do you ever feel like you’re going no where? Like you’ve moved exactly zero steps in pursuit of your God-given destiny? I have some potentially life-changing news for you today:

Just because you can’t see the steps, doesn’t mean they’re not being taken.


What? That makes no sense! you may cry out in indignation. How can I be taking steps that are unknown or unseen?

Let me tell you about one of my favorite stories from the Bible – the story of Esther. Orphaned as a young girl, Esther was sent to live with her Uncle Mordecai. It would be there that she would be picked as a candidate for King Xerxes’ search for a new Queen. It would be in that search that she would be selected as his Queen. And it would be during her reign as Queen, that God used her to save the entire nation of Israel – the lineage He Himself would later be born out of. Quite a destiny, eh?

You know what days probably didn’t seem like part of Esther’s destiny that were, though? The day she lost her mom and dad. The days she spent feeling sad when she looked at her peers with their parents. The day she was selected as one amongst hundreds of potentials Queens and thrown into a veritable cattle call of beautiful women. Even more than this, there was one day in particular when something occurred that was very much a part of Esther’s destiny, and yet, she wasn’t anywhere near when it happened. That was the day that Xerxes’ first Queen, Vashti, refused to dance for him and his drunk buddies, hence setting the events in motion for her dismissal and the need for a new Queen (that would eventually be Esther) to begin with. That day sped up a whole lot of steps in Esther’s destiny, and yet, she would never have known to see them as such when they were happening. How could she?

Do you see what I’m getting at here? There are going to be days when we see things that are clearly a God-ordained part of our destiny and purpose – ie the day we get a new job, the day we get married, the day we have a baby, the day we see a long-awaited dream come true, etc. There are also days, however, that will make it seem like absolutely nothing of import has happened to move us a single inch in the right direction of our purpose-filled path. Let me suggest that on those days (yes, I have them, too!), we think about the story of Esther. The pieces of our ultimate destiny are always be moved, we just may not be aware that they are moving.

Isn’t that encouraging? Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Every day that you are living in accordance to God’s will, He is working on your behalf and for your good. You can always trust that, you can always trust Him. While our vision is limited and finite, He sees it all! He sees the big picture and how today’s seemingly futile activities and complete insignificance will ultimately wind up shaping extremely important steps down the road. Don’t feel discouraged today! Every day counts! The pieces are moving. Trust Him.



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