A Trustworthy Ear

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I was recently reminded of the importance of listening to God, but not in a way that I would have suspected. A friend of mine sent me an email that inquired after how I was doing, and in reply, it led to a major point of encouragement in an area that I desperately needed it. The same happened when a friend called me last week to say that God had put me on her heart. It was just as I was already feeling quite down about something. He knew I needed to know that He knew. So, he worked on the hearts of these two amazing ladies, and I found myself greatly encouraged as a result.

Even more than the encouragement itself, I was so challenged by the concept of listening to the Lord’s guiding voice in my life. Am I, like my two friends, making myself available to God’s voice, so that if He wanted to use me, He could? What would have happened had these two women failed to be listening to the Lord when He was prompting them to contact me, what would have changed? Well, for one thing, I’d feel a whole lot less encouraged and a whole lot more troubled. God knows that sometimes all we need is a gentle reminder that He sees us and knows exactly what situations surround us in our day to day life. Without these girls and their obedience to God’s voice, I would not have had those special moments that served to boost my faith and draw me closer to Him in praise.

The lesson to be learned is that God is constantly looking for people with open ears who He can trust to give messages to for His children. If He sees that you have a history of obeying Him and doing what He prompts you to do, then He will feel confident to entrust more to you, as well (Matthew 13:12). I want to be someone whom God finds trustworthy to use. This week, in addition to personally encouraging me, two women were used to remind me of the importance of listening to God’s voice and being an available vessel that He can use.

Today, make an effort to listen throughout the day. You might just find that He’s been speaking to you all along if you’ll just take a moment to hear Him.

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