Inspiration: Beth Moore

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Almost immediately after I decided to embark upon an “Inspiration” series, this amazing woman came to mind. If I’m honest, I’ll recall that my first invitation to a Beth Moore Bible study was met with a thinly veiled skepticism. I saw this beautiful, blonde woman on the promo material and thought, “Oh, not one of those women.” I was judgmental and made assumptions based on preconceived notions that I had about certain things. I showed up to the study with my arsenal of cynicism and wariness.

Boy, was I proven wrong.

Embarking upon my first Beth-penned Bible study, “Stepping Up: A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent,” I was blown away by this woman’s sheer zeal and passion for God’s Word. She made it very clear up front that it was not about her or her merit, but simply about helping women find freedom in Christ and excitement for the Bible. I’ve seen her renounce her self time after time and convey a vulnerability that many others in her position would be afraid to share. By showing us a glimpse of her own flaws, however, she allows the rest of us to relate and journey with her, reaching for growth right alongside Beth. 

Through participating in several of Beth’s Bible studies, I have found a renewed passion for the Word, and have been inspired to reach out to women in my own circles. She was instrumental in my early efforts to even want to have a blog like this, in fact. Every time I sit and watch one of her video sessions, I am challenged and enlightened. I thank God for Beth’s willingness to use her own life as a template for her studies, so that we can all find kinship and relation with her own experiences.

Praying for you, Beth! Keep up the good work!

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