Inspiration: Access Church

 In Inspiration

I love my church. I really, really do. I realize that in saying this I run the risk of sounding like I’m tooting my own horn since Jason and I founded and pastor the church. Not so. When I think about Access, I think about the people of Access and how they have become our family in a way that defies blood ties.

The sense of community that I’ve felt since we began the church almost four years ago(!) has been literally life-transforming. The people of Access are givers. They give of their time, their resources, and their support. They have stepped in to take care of my kids when I was sick. They have brought meals to our home when our boys were born. They have prayed with us and for us. Most of all, their hearts are beautiful. They never hesitate to reach out to someone in need. They are the first ones to step up when we volunteer in the community. Their passion for people is inspiring.

When I watch the Access community in action, I am humbled to be a part of such a beautiful and loving group of people. I see through them that changing the world is indeed possible, one person at a time. I see through them that family doesn’t have to be a product of blood. I see through them that serving your neighbor can be an act of worship. Simply put, they inspire me.

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