Staying True At ALL Times

 In faith, God

Why is it that the hard times in life drive us to God, while the happier, easier times seem to separate us from Him? In thinking on my own spiritual patterns, I was surprised to notice that some of my closest times to the Lord have been when the circumstances of my life were hard. I would run to God and beg Him to soothe me, heal me, and intervene in my problems, but when my life was going good? I found that my times of seeking Him seemed to taper off dramatically. Ouch.

There is nothing wrong with running to the Lord in a time of distress and drawing close to Him when we need Him. The truth is, though, that if that is the only time we find ourselves at His feet, we’ve got a problem. Why were churches all over the USA filled in the weeks after the tragedy of 9/11 only to return to a more normal, less crowded capacity when people began to feel “safe” again? Could it be because we only see and acknowledge our need for God when things get so out of hand that we are totally incapable of handling them on our own?

Here’s the truth about that theory. We can’t handle anything on our own. We need God. Our very lives are gifts from Him. He allows each moment that we experience. To only seek Him when our days seem darkest is to forget to acknowledge that He is the Lord of all of us. Each breath is His to give. In good times and in bad, we have to remember to not only acknowledge Him, but to seek Him and His guidance.

Don’t wait until the sky is so dark that you can barely see what’s in front of you. Seek Him today, right now, and thank Him. Thank Him that your sky is clear right now, and cling to Him just as desperately in the light as you do in the middle of a storm. We need Him, and He is ready to be everything that we need.

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