Truth vs. Assumption

 In faith, God

Do you ever feel like you’ve connected dots that aren’t supposed to be connected? Like you live two steps too many ahead, arriving at places and conclusions that you were never mean to arrive at? Here’s the thing. We have to stop jumping to conclusions of all kinds. Stop jumping to conclusions about others. Stop jumping to conclusions based on fear. Stop jumping to conclusions because your mind works so fast that it can’t help but add two and two together until it adds up to eleven.

Instead, live the truth. What is real? God’s Word is real. Factual. The thing you can place your life’s certainty on. Stop including the “what ifs?” in your reality. It will do you no good. Stop assuming things to be truth that are merely assumption. Your truth space should be small, with a high requirement for admission. The truth sets us free, so don’t water down the truth with your assumed truths, and then wonder why the truth has lost it’s power.

Keep it simple today. Let the truth be the truth, and let assumption be assumption. 

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