The Fight of Faith

 In faith

Alright, confession time. I hate working out. There, I said it. I wish so much that I could be one of “those people,” who live for the thrill of the next jog, aerobic class, or visit to the gym, but…I’m not. Instead, I often sit around in frustration over why I can’t seem to lose those pesky few last pounds, puzzled when my steadfast plan of no change to my diet and no exercise fails to produce any change in my weight. Deep down, though, I know that if I want to see results, I’m going to have to get my fiercely protesting body into a regular workout routine, and modify my diet to a healthier menu.

Have you ever heard faith referred to as a fight? If not, check this out:

I have fought the good fight of faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

– I Timothy 6:12

Why on earth would faith be described as a fight? Sounds hard, sounds unpleasant. I much prefer the idea of the gift of faith of or faith being a fruit of the Spirit, ready and accessible at all times. Except, here’s the thing: life is hard, and life is unpleasant, and faith? Faith can be the fight of your life.

In some of my darkest hours, when I have felt hopeless and alone, I can remember days where I literally had to wake up and fight, scratch, and claw through my situation, using my faith and the truth of God’s Word to literally just exist. When it’s easy to trust God, faith seems to come easy, as well. When faced with a startling reality or overwhelmingly convincing emotion, however, faith is a fight. We have to choose faith when everything else in our lives is telling us otherwise. We have to cling to God’s Truth and His Word as our only solid foundation of belief.

Here’s the good news, though. Just like constant exercise of my body will eventually produce muscle, constant flexing of faith will eventually build a “faith muscle.” When our faith is tested and we hold fast and stand strong, even when it almost physically hurts to do so, we build up our faith. I’ve found that after a time of great testing of my faith, my faith is actually strengthened, and often, the next hurdle I face isn’t quite as bad, because I have put my faith to practice.

If you’re in a fight of faith today, hold tight! Know that the exercising of this “muscle” will produce a beautiful result in your life – an even stronger faith! Fight the good fight, friends.

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