A Watched Pot Never Boils

 In Life

One day while cooking, I proved this age old saying true by literally standing at my stove top in a huff, never peeling my eyes from the large pot of water that sat dormant. The water mocked me, refusing to give so much as even a hiccup as I grew more and more exasperated with each passing minute. Eventually, a phone call pulled me away from my guard post, and sure enough, upon my return, the water was rolling and bubbling with vigor. The saying, I found, really is true.

How many times in life have I acted out the exact same scenario? In my version, I am playing the role of, well, me, and the pot can be many, many things: a ministry opportunity, a pregnancy, a new job, a relationship, an emotional breakthrough, etc, etc. No matter the “boil” I’m awaiting, the principle is the same: if my eyes are focused solely on whatever it is that I’m waiting for, it’s not happening.

So how do I make my proverbial pots boil? I take my eyes off my circumstance and leave them on my Heavenly Father. God is always speaking, I just need to listen. He will guide me and He will cause all “water” to “boil.” All I’m responsible for is seeking Him and obeying His voice. I’ve found, and I know you will too, that once I take my eyes off myself and place them on Him, the waters of my life won’t just boil, they’re explode, as He shows me all He can do with a life fully surrendered to Him.

So, take your eyes off that pot. It may just boil yet.

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