In Life

I cannot tell you how excited I am to welcome you to my new blog! This has been a long time coming. After first getting the “God thought” to start a blog, my wonderful husband stepped in and helped me make this dream a reality. I, for one, don’t know a url from TRL, so I wouldn’t have even known where to begin. I thank God for an amazing partner and best friend in Jason, who believes in me and helps me be the best me I can be.

It is my prayer that while you are here God will speak to you. That as I am faithful to write the words I believe He has given to me, you will find encouragement for your own daily walk. Please be sure to stoy by daily, as I hope to have updates quite regularly.


Thanks again for stopping by! Please help me spread the word to your friends, family, and women’s ministry leaders! I believe God wants to do great things in the lives of His daughters, and I am honored to be a part!



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