Back-to-school Blues?

 In parenting

When the Target holiday section switches over from all things patriotic to notebooks, rulers, and backpacks, I know the time has come. It’s back-to-school season, and my kids are a mixture of excited and mournful for the impending end of summer.

This year is a first for me in that all 3 of my kids will be in some kind of school. My boys are in grade school, but even my baby is beginning preschool, and this momma is an emotional mess. She is beyond excited and keeps talking about her new lunchbox with hearts on it and how she just has to go. Meanwhile, I’m curled into a ball quoting My Big Fat Greek Wedding: WHY YOU WANT TO LEAVE ME?

Are you feeling emotional about the start of another school year? I am, too! I think it’s just because it reminds me of how incredibly fast this is all going. Ella was literally just born 5 minutes ago, and now I’m supposed to drop her somewhere for 4 hours at a time and let her eat lunch there? Joey was in my belly like last week and now he’s in his final year of elementary? How can this be???

Aside from the reminder to slow down and enjoy each moment, take this time to encourage yourself! Yes, you! You’re doing a wonderful job! Your kids are starting a new year and moving forward, and you’re a huge part of that! You are crushing this mom thing, and the sheer fact that your kids are growing and moving on to new things is proof of that! Not only that, but let this time mark a new season for new beginnings! It’s a fresh start, and with that comes endless possibilities of all that God can do in and through you this year!

If you’re feeling a little sad, know you’re not alone. I am, too. I get it. But each new phase brings with it such joy, and we’ve only scratched the surface of all the amazing ways we’ll learn to love and be loved by our kids. We can do this, friends! Happy August and let’s have an incredible new year!

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