LMKTM: Listening to everything.


Summer is coming to a close and I find myself with a bag of mixed emotions. On the one hand, it would be completely insincere for me to not acknowledge that there is a relief that comes with the established routine that school brings. Yes, I love my boys, but them having the structure of several daily hours of school is so good for them and for me. On the other hand, however, each new school year always brings a nostalgia and bittersweet reflection of just how fast they’re growing and a self-check to make sure I’m cherishing each moment while they’re young.

On the more frank side of this acknowledgement, I’d have to admit that there is one thing that has been a constant struggle in our home this summer: thorough listening.

Look, I have 3 great kids, I really do. They’re well-behaved, smart, and they’re all finding God on their own and in their own unique ways. But there’s something about giving a kid instructions that just creates a divide at times. I can say something and it’s like they hear the first part of what I’ve said and then I turn into Charlie Brown’s teacher for the latter part. So later, when I find that they’ve completed only part of what I asked them to, it leads to frustration and confusion. Mainly, frustration on my part and confusion on their part. It’s like they just don’t seem to hear everything I’m saying. They get the first part and run with it, but forget to keep listening until the entire instruction has been given.

I’m like this with listening to God’s voice. I hear Him say something, but I forget to listen to everything He’s said. So I take a piece of good news at solely face value and forget to probe for the full meaning of what God is saying: that He has done something great and wants me to not need another piece of good news before I start to believe Him fully. I am way too circumstantial where my peace is concerned, and I find that if I had just waited and listened to God each time He’s spoken, I’d realize there isn’t even a need for circumstantial evidence to confirm all the good things He’s already done.

Today, let’s strive to be complete listeners. Let’s wait and not rush off before we hear everything that God is saying to us. I think we’ll find that if we do, so many points of confusion and fear will be cleared up in our minds and hearts. God doesn’t speak in fragments. His Word is absolute. If we take the time to explore that, our lives can be much more absolute, as well.

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