10 Years With You

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Dear Jason,

Ten years ago we said “I Do” in front of a church full of friends and family. I remember being hit with the utter sanctity of that moment. I hadn’t expected that. I had expected tears, but I was blown away by just how Holy all we were doing felt. We weren’t just signing a paper or having a ceremony, we were making vows before God.

You are an exceptional man. I don’t know many men who would stand up and vow to love “in sickness and in health” and then be called upon to make good on that vow just 6 months later. You held me as a I cried when I was told I had cancer. You helped me shave my head when my hair was falling out faster than I could keep up with. You slept on the floor of my hospital room more times than I can count so that I wouldn’t have to go through my chemo treatments alone.

I love that we can dream together. I remember the first time I drew up a little map and talked to you about our ideas for starting a church. You were so receptive. You believe in me and value me. As a result, together we’ve seen Access become a life-giving church that has impacted the Kingdom. I’ve seen you grow as a leader and a preacher and I’ve sat in awe as you made tough decisions while always taking the high road. No one else in the world may see or know, but I see and I know, and I am in awe of the man of integrity that you are.

You are, without a doubt, the best father ever. The way you love our children is so genuine that it challenges me in my role as a mother. You are the definition of selfless. You always put your family first. You never complain and you constantly find ways to make life fun and special for us. The kids adore you and look up to you and I feel so content knowing that they have you as a role model.

I remember watching you cry in joy when our son Joey was born (right after you recovered from passing out, that is). You just kept saying, “He’s so beautiful.” I remember cheering for you when you didn’t pass out when Gavin was born. I remember watching you cry in pain as we said goodbye to our first daughter, Angelina Grace. This year, I have seen you fall in love with our precious Ella Elisabeth. You were clearly born to be a father, and particularly to this amazing daughter. She’s got her dad’s heart all wrapped up already.

We have seen some pain in our life, and also some great joy. We have experienced loss and extreme blessing. Through it all, though, you’ve remained steady. You are the single most hard-working person I know. You’re never content until you feel like you’ve achieved excellence and you challenge me to do more with my life. You are smart and funny and kind. You are creative and Godly and you make me laugh even more now that you did when I first met you. Simply put, you are my best friend.

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. I look forward to the next 10 and the 10 after that and the 50 after that.


I love you forever.


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