LMKTM: Don’t Get Stuck!


Ella is now 4 months old and is starting to explore the new world of all that her limbs can do for her. One such experience is rolling over. She hasn’t quite nailed it yet, though. Partially because she’s super content on her back, but also partially because she’s a big baby and, as such, she tends to get stuck in the transit.

I will try to help her along by scooting her one way or another, but a lot of times she’ll get to about halfway and just lay there until she frustrates herself into crying and I have to come scoop her up and rescue her. Poor thing will lay on her side like that, not able to get back to her back, but not quite able to do the final push to get her to her belly, either.

Can you understand her frustration? Do you feel stuck in life right now? Maybe you are in between key phases but all you want to do is lay in the halfway point like Ella and cry for all the frustration you feel. Don’t get stuck! You can’t stay in the middle because you will literally go no where. You have to move in one direction or another.

Today, make the extra push. Get un-stuck. Your next level of mobility and enjoyment could very well depend upon it!

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