A Word For Women

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For too long, society has been trying to pit women against each other. We are urged to compare ourselves, and we are encouraged to try to best the woman next to us. God forbid something good happen for a woman around us, because we surely aren’t allowed to simply be happy for her without feeling petty jealousy or insecurity.

I say, enough is enough!

I have seen so much damage and pain come when women tear down other women. But the opposite is also true. I have perhaps never seen times of more breakthrough, encouragement, and freedom than when women came together in understanding and support. I think it’s such a point of contention for the enemy of our souls, because he knows that if he can get us to turn what can be something truly beautiful into something vile and petty, than we will be robbed of great moments of connection and love.

It starts by re-training our minds. Instead of instantly assessing and judging another woman when you see her, look deeper. Does she have hurts like you do? Has she walked through similar pains that you are now walking through? It’s amazing the power and freedom that come from hearing someone else say “I understand” about your situation. It removes the hidden stigma that you are somehow the only person to have gone through this particular thing, and restores sanity to your tormenting mind.

Let’s build one another up and, in doing so, delight the God that created us to breathe life into one another instead of insecurity. I know that we’ll see freedom come when we stop trying to put one another down and start lifting each other up to new heights and security. Encourage someone today!


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