Honoring the Honorable: Part I

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My amazing husband challenged all of us yesterday in a new message series. It’s simply called “Honor” and it speaks to the idea of Biblical honor and who in our lives deserves it. He talked about how there is a difference between obeying rules and honoring them. He also spoke about how God has stated in His Word that all authority in our lives in God-appointed (Romans 13) and that, as such, we need to honor it.

In keeping with this idea of honor, I want to take this week to honor some special people in my life. I can’t think of a better place to start than with my amazing parents.

My dad and mom, David and Angela Munizzi, are role models not just to my sister and I, but to countless others who have had the privilege of sitting under their ministry leadership. They have adopted the mantra to “lead by example,” and, as a result, they are truly the real deal. What you see with them is what you get. They are as genuinely loving today as they were when they first began in ministry, and let me tell you from experience, that is not an easy task.

My dad has consistently lived with the idea that if you just fall in love with Jesus, everything else will fall into place. My mom showed me that you can be a Godly woman and still be emotional, bold, and strong simultaneously. They have sacrificed more than I probably even know in order to make my life happy, and they continue to always give 100% of their time, resources, and selves to those they serve.

My parents are truly worthy of honor.

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