Step Away From Yourself

 In grace, media

Facebook really is an eye-opener, isn’t it? We can find posts about just about everything from what someone ate (or is literally currently eating), to the deepest of soul-searching topics. One trend seems to be alarmingly pervasive, though. I mention this not because I’m fault-free in this area, but because I’m challenged in it myself.

Why do we always use social media to complain about our lives?

Again, I’m right up there with everyone else in terms of guilt. Just yesterday, in fact, I was bemoaning the new recipe of a dearly beloved chicken sandwich that I felt had been unfairly changed much to my displeasure. But when I read through my Facebook feed and that of others, are most of our posts about our dissatisfaction?

We need to change this up. Why does it matter? Because some people see our social media posting as a representation of who we really are, and if that’s the case, then I wouldn’t want to be known by a mere laundry list of discontent and complaints. Let’s be more careful about what we let represent us. I can’t help but think that it makes the Father’s heart sad to see that after all He’s given us (and I count stuff as some of the least of those things – just thinking about how He’s given us Himself is enough to merit years of thankful posts), we still choose to whine our way through life.

Let’s step away from ourselves for a moment and reflect on God’s goodness and grace. Maybe then our lives – and our Facebook posts –  will start to look a little less negative and a lot more grateful. In light of God’s grace, it’s amazing how some stuff just seems to not matter anymore.

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