Don’t Let Fear Interfere

 In anxiety, fear, parenting

The other day while out to lunch with a beloved friend, our conversation turned to the topic of fear. It’s not unusual for that to happen lately, it seems. Anxiety is always trying to allow me to upgrade it from a side character to the star of the show of my life. It’s a struggle. The idea of fear in regards to our children seemed to be a particular concern at this lunch – how it’s so easy to let fear control you when you have kids and how it does not (contrary to popular belief) get easier the older they get.

At one point, I said, “It’s okay to feel fear, you just can’t-” to which my friend completed the thought, “You can’t let it interfere.” I literally had to put down my fork and jot that down: don’t let fear interfere. Yes! This is so incredibly true! It’s one thing to feel fear. That is not only normal, but something we may never be able to completely vanquish while we are humans living on this earth. It’s another thing altogether, however,  to allow fear to interfere in your life – ie giving it the power of decision-making or, rather, allowing it to keep you from making decisions because you are so captured by it.

This year, you have a chance to step out in faith and do the things you have always wanted to do. Will you do them? Or will you allow fear to interfere and throw your dreams back on a dusty shelf of unmet potential? Today, tomorrow, and always – don’t let fear interfere!

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