Anxious Anxiety: Part I

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Last night in my beloved ladies Bible study group, we discussed the always relevant topic of anxiety. It is always amazing to me to see how prevalent this issue is amongst men and women. Almost as soon as I posted in our Facebook group that anxiety would be that week’s topic of discussion, the post started getting “Like”s and comments from women saying, “I’ll be there!” or “Yes, I need this!”

Why are we so anxious? What is it about life that causes our hearts to pound, our palms to sweat, and our hands to shake? Shouldn’t we, as Christians, have constant assurance of our well-being, thus avoiding these pesky emotional breakdowns?

If only it were that simple.

I am a Christian. I love God. And yet, I am not exempt from feeling emotionally distraught or anxious. Why? Well, I’m a human. My flesh is at constant war with God’s Spirit within me. I know what is right, but often, what I feel threatens to overtake that knowledge and replace it with a false reality that appears entirely too real.

There is hope for anxiety today. I have seen God deliver me from times where I thought I would surely never recover. I know He can do the same for you. How do you start? First of all, acknowledge the anxiety, admit to it, but refuse to give it a larger role in your life than it deserves. It’s not the lead actor, it’s simply an extra in the movie of your life. Don’t let it be the star. Second, get in God’s presence and Word and allow Him to start to replace your false realities (anxiety and fear) with His truth. This is the way to overcome anxiety – by replacing it with something greater – the truth of God’s love.

There is healing available for you today, but you need to go to the Source. Only in God’s presence will you find soothing and healing for your troubled soul. Allow Him to start that work in you today.

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