You Can’t Go Back To What You Don’t Know

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All summer long, I felt challenged with this idea: Get back to basics. It served as the theme for our weekly ladies Bible study, as well as my own personal theme for growth these past few months. Today, though, as I was thinking on this premise, I was suddenly struck with a simple truth: you can’t go back to what you don’t know.

The thing is that some have never even had a baseline for the things that I may take for granted as the basics: Bible reading, prayer, time with God, etc. For those who are in this boat, it’s hard to get back to basics when there are no basics to return to! If that’s you today, don’t be discouraged! You can start your basics now by setting a pattern of good principles in your life. Make daily habits that you know to be beneficial, and then, when you see yourself straying from them – go back!

This also can’t be stressed enough for those of us who are parents. Our children’s time to set these “basics” in their lives is NOW. We can help that along by fostering an environment in which they can ask questions about God, see His attributes through our own examples, and make habits that include prayer, Bible reading, and giving. If we help them now, they will always have a home base of “basics” to return to when they are older.

So today, whether you’re just starting out on your journey through the basics, or looking way far back to the time when you had these principles as part of your life, let’s go back to the basics!

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