Sifting the Superfluous

 In Life, purpose

I was recently made aware of a product that is just absolutely genius. It’s a beach bag that has tiny holes at the bottom of it, so that sand leaves the bag and doesn’t get into your car or home. Is that not genius?! So many times over this past summer, I’d find sand all over my floors, no doubt from a collection that had gathered at the bottom of my non-pored beach bag. Genius!

I want to live my life like this beach bag. I want to let the superfluous sands of life sift through my time, energy, and dedication. I don’t want to waste time on things that don’t matter. I want to see the things that don’t matter fade away and the things that do matter stay on top. It’s such a simple concept, and yet one I struggle with daily. Many things try to take my time and energy, and it’s very easy for me to give into them, only to find out later that there was little to no worth in this project or venture at all.

Today, let’s bring the superfluous sifter into our lives and allow it to streamline our time and activities. Once you’ve sifted, don’t worry about the sand that fell through, but instead, focus on the things that remained on top. Those are the things that will bring fulfillment, purpose, and worth. Let’s get sifting!

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