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Why is it I always miss the obvious things?


I bemoan my unanswered prayers whilst simultaneously realizing I haven’t actually prayed about them in weeks.

I cry over my lack of purpose and continue to turn down opportunities to serve and make a difference.

I wonder why God is silent but forget that I haven’t spoken to Him in days.


These things are obvious and yet, even now, after years of walking out this journey of Christianity, they continue to be the same things that I get tripped up on time and again. Why? I’m not quite sure, although I’d venture to say that it’s often those things that we know to do that we somehow take for granted and forget. I know that I need to ask God for the things I am seeking, and yet, I don’t always do that. I know that I need to be available and mobile in order to find God’s purposes for my life, and yet, I sit in my comfort zone and wonder why I feel unfulfilled.

We all need reminders of the obvious, so here’s one for you (and me!) today: go back to the basics! Pray! Ask! Go! Let’s live out the obviouses and find God at greater levels of depth than ever before. I think we’ll all see surprising and welcome changes when we do.

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