And still we bow.

 In praise & worship, The Word

Recently, I was struck by something I encountered during my “Read Through the Bible in a Year” plan. During the period of the various kings of the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, the children of God would set up false gods and then bow down to worship them. How can this be? Were they really so foolish as to not realize that this was something that had been crafted of their own hands? How could they then worship that same item? These people knew of the God who could part the Red Sea and deliver their ancestors from slavery, and yet they would lower themselves before created gods?

Once again, before I got too far in my feelings of accusation and condemnation, I had a realization. I may not make tiny gold statues and bow to them in worship, but how is it that much different than when I allow something of this world – money, pride, status – to become my driving force? When I allow these things to control my life, drive my motivations, and alter my mood, am I not figuratively bowing down before them and giving them a place of worship in my life?

What do I worship? Not in a literal sense with bowed knees and actual acknowledgement that I’m engaged in such an act, but with my thoughts, my actions, and my priorities. Am I allowing myself to “bow” to things like money and acceptance when I become so caught up in them that it overtakes all my other passions and pursuits?

Before we point the finger at those who are doing outwardly and more obviously what we very well might be doing in a more justified environment, let’s take stock. Allow your heart to be set on Him and Him alone today, and, as such, make all other “gods” that compete for positions of authority in your life fall to the side. There is only one God who deserves that place in your life. Make sure He’s the only One who has it.

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