The Present as the Past

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My favorite pastor Jason Burns is in the middle of a message series right now at Access called “Waiting, Dating & Mating.” He typically does a series on marriage and relationships once a year, and it’s always something I highly anticipate. Jason has such a great, raw take on the subject, and it’s just something that’s so desperately needed in the world today.

Yesterday’s message was no exception to the usual excellence I have come to expect from these series. Jason made an excellent point that has stuck with me even today:


The present will be your past, which will be present in your future.”


The idea is that the decisions you make today will ultimately become the things you look back on as your past. Because of that, it is so imperative that you take extra care with the choices you make every day. It’s easy to blow something off as inconsequential in the moment. We don’t think past the here and now very often. Remember, though, that every decision made is a page in your past, and your past plays a major role in your future “todays.”

Think about this principle as you go about your day today. Don’t make choices lightly. Really think about what you’re deciding and if you want that decision in the pages of your life’s history.


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