God Answers Prayer.

 In Prayer

Happy Good Friday!

This week in my time of prayer, I was thinking about a past struggle I’ve had with the idea of prayer and prayer requests: why should we do it at all? I mean, if God knows everything, surely He knows my heart and my desires, right? And then I started realizing that the reason we pray and ask things of God is way more about us and our understanding than it is about Him and His ability to answer.

It’s so important to remember to pray, because when God answers, we know it was Him who answered our specific request.


When we don’t pray, things line up in our lives and we chalk them up to “coincidence” or “good luck.” We fail to see the many ways God’s hand is guiding our lives and providing for us. When we do pray, however, we see just how specifically God is involved in our lives. It helps build your faith, because you realize that God is still answering prayers and, more so, He’s answering your prayers.

Pray. Pray about everything. Pray to thank God for everything. Pray to ask God for anything. When you do, you’ll see that your relationship with Him will become alive and real and fresh. So today, and everyday, pray.

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