The Importance of Community

 In Life

Jason and I had the privilege of attending a training for church leaders on Monday and Tuesday of this week. It was an incredible time on many levels, and yet, the one thing that sticks out to me most is just how vital it is for people to embrace the concept community. In this case, it was people in church leadership interacting with other church leaders.  It was refreshing, encouraging, and uplifting to hear from others who walk in similar shoes and understand our situation much more than those who aren’t in the same profession. That sense of community was truly life-giving to us in many ways.

The same can really be said for any person group, though. Community will always be important at every stage of life you find yourself in. If you’re a mom, I firmly believe it is not only good, but vital for you to interact with other moms. It helps you realize you are not alone in your current situation and unique circumstances. If you are a man, it’s important to have time with other men in which you can be challenged, understood, and supported. The point is simply that it is important to take the time to pull yourself out of isolation and to find others to connect with.

I find that I can very easily grow weary, worn, and drained, and a big culprit of each of these symptoms is a lack of time spent in refreshing community. The bottom line is that we were created to do life together. Where you lack, someone else excels, and they need your strengths, in turn. If you find yourself more alone than not lately, take it upon yourself to make a change. Don’t wait around for someone to come rescue you out of your loneliness, but step out in a sign that you value that presence of community in your life. Get involved in a weekly Bible study or church small group. Ask someone out for coffee or over to your home for lunch. Take action today, because life is meant to be shared.


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