Prayer: Don’t Wait

 In Prayer

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a special meeting with my husband at his home church in West Palm Beach, Florida. The pastor spoke about prayer, and gave a devotional on how to better discern God. A quote caught my ear midway through, and it’s had me thinking ever since:


“You will pray by choice, or you’ll pray by crisis.”


So many times, I let my prayer life fade to the background of my days, and I am ashamed to realize that it takes a crisis to bring me back to my knees. This isn’t to say that we cannot, no matter where we are in life, cry out for help from God at any time. The point, though, is that when I am operating under a fully connected, daily prayer life, I find that my times of crisis are almost already less damaging, because they’ve been covered in advance by my consistent conversations with God.

I want to stay connected to God on a daily basis, not only when I “need” Him. Truthfully, the idea of only going to God when I need Him is laughable, because when do I not need Him? He is my very sustenance, and I can’t go a day without Him in my life. To go to Him only in times of crisis severely limits the depth of our relationship, as well as the full reach of what His presence can do in a life that is constantly surrendered to Him.

So don’t wait today. Pray now, pray later, pray always. God is there, and when we invite Him to be part of everything, we find that everything is a lot easier to handle.

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