LMKTM: Be Present


My sweet son Gavin turned 2 years old yesterday! I remember thinking that pregnancy was perhaps some of the slowest moving days of my entire life. The anticipation of waiting for the baby to be born was so frustrating (and wasn’t helped by my swollen feet and never-ending belly)! Wiser people than I would come and tell me to cherish it, because once that baby was out, it would be like life took on a fast forward button that you couldn’t seem to pause. Boy, were those people right! I can’t stop my children from growing up, and because I want what is best for them, I wouldn’t do that, even if I could. I can, however, learn to live in the present more, and appreciate each moment I have with them at every stage they journey though.

So what does it meant to live in the present?

Living in the present means that when my kids are home and awake, I am not just with them physically, but mentally, as well. That means I am not constantly reading, answering emails, or talking on the phone when they are with me. It means I get down on their level and come into their world at various points in my day. It means I make an effort to talk to my kids instead of using TV as my replacement. It’s not realistic to think I can do this all day, every day, of course, but it is important to make an effort towards this goal as often as I can.

There are rewards that come with this approach, too! I notice such a difference when I put time into talking to my boys and playing with them vs. ignoring them in favor of my work or other distractions. They are more responsive to me, have better attitudes over all, and seem to just thrive more as individuals. It’s as if they can tell I care, so that when I do need to sit down in front of my computer, they aren’t irritated by it, because they know they will always come first.

Today, let’s be present with our kids. Let’s not just be bodies, but a presence, as well. Let’s let our marks in their lives be such that they know they can always count on our love, support, and understanding. May they feel as if they never have to doubt where they place in our lives. Time goes by quickly, indeed, so let’s make every moment count!

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